That’s The Mother!

That's The Mother!

How I Met Your Mother finished it’s 8th season last night and we finally got to see who the mother is.
She’s a cute girl, seems pretty down to earth and as for how she is going to sweep Ted off his feet, well, we’ll have to wait a few months.

But the revelation of the mother was only the tip of the iceberg in last night’s episode.
Marshall is a judge! And could the universe pick a better timing for that to happen? As we were watching Marshall’s mother (whom I must admit I’m not a huge fan of) joking her way into ruining Rome for her son and Lily, that phone call came and probably changed everything. Will Lily decide to go to Rome without her husband? Marshall already accepted the job and we’ve seen Lily  miserable in the past as she watched her art dream die. So will she abandon her dream job now?

I loved watching Barney and Robin being, well, Barney and Robin. From the rehearsal of their OTT first dance to plotting against that annoying couple at the restaurant. What I particularly love about these two is that they are so perfect for each other in the most twisted way. Barney is not your average guy and Robin is certainly not your average girl; it’s a pair made in heaven.

And this shows how Robin would be so wrong for Ted. Yes, I did feel for Ted as he was watching his former lover getting ready to marry his best friend (ouch) but in the long run these two wouldn’t last. They want different things, they’ve always had and every time they got back together, it came down to this. Ted’s decision to leave for Chicago is probably the right thing to do. Ok, we know that he’ll change his mind after the wedding but I see the reasoning behind this decision.

I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see the wedding and why future Ted always referred to it as the worst wedding ever. Did Barney become Mr Scherbatsky? I was waiting for that ever since it was revealed who the bride and groom were and now there’s more waiting for me.

Overall, it was a good episode. It’s sad to think that season 9 will be the last one.

P.S. Did anyone else think that it was Lily who took the locket because she likes to control Ted’s love life so much?


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