The Vampire Diaries: A Song Of Cure And Doppelgangers

The Vampire Diaries dropped the veil last night. TBH, it was better than I expected. I’ve kind of lost faith in the show after season 3 and this season was mostly ranging from meh to WTF. Graduation left me with mixed feelings.

The veil remained down for most of the episode. Hunters went all “explode everything”, angry witches came back seeking vengeance, Stefan spent some quality time with Lexi, as Damon and Alaric did and someone swallowed the damn cure. It wasn’t Damon as everyone (including me) predicted, nor Stefan, not even Elena; Katherine came in touch with her human side and this time it’s going to last. After she got all Mean Girl at Elena, blaming her for

Elena took the situation in her own hands. Are we going to see Kat going to high school next season to get her prom and graduation?

Delena finally happened and this time it wasn’t because of the sire bond. Good for them and all the Delena fans out there but I’ve abandoned this ship a long time ago.

Speaking of ships, Klaroline had a scene together. Klaus saved his blonde from a furious dead witch and then gave her Tyler as a graduation present. The man is smooth; he knows his pretty vamp is still hung up on the hybrid so he set as his new goal to become her last love. Aw.

Ding Dong! The witch is dead. That was actually sad. Bonnie sacrificed her life to give Jeremy his back. Seriously, how many times is this kid going to be brought back from the dead?

Saved the best for last. Silas is not ugly. He looks exactly like Paul Wesley! Good for you man. So, that means Stefan is a doppelganger. And now he’s at the bottom of the ocean because Silas went full Connor on him. Oh, well, at least it’s summer. Who doesn’t want to spend his summer at the beach?

What did you guys think of the finale?


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