Eurovision Song Contest 2013

We Are One Tonight!

The Grand Final of Eurovision 2013 is finally here. Are you excited? I know I am. It’s something I look forward to every year because why not? It’s a big show, there are many different songs and OTT costumes. And tonight I’m watching the final with popcorn and Pimm’s!

So far my favourite performances are:


Duh? It’s only everyone’s favourite this year and it’s definitely worth the buzz. Emmelie de Forest has the voice of an angel and the song brings together Denmark’s culture with modern musical elements and the tune is catchy, too. Rumour has it Denmark’s going to win this year. I’ll allow it.


Ok, it’s not so much the song here as the cause it serves. Krista Siegfrids sings for same-sex marriage and even shares a kiss with one of her back-up singers. I like the Vegas theme and it also kinda makes you want to dance.


I can’t speak French to save my life but I love this song. So sexy. And the video clip is kind of amazing. France doesn’t usually do well in this contest but I really hope it gets a good place this year.


I’m not sure why Hungary’s song is among my favourites. The song itself is nothing extraordinary. I guess it would be a song I’d like to listen to on the radio on a rainy day. Maybe it’s the nerdy hotness of the singer, ByeAlex. Besides, a guy who can rock his glasses is always welcome.


This is probably the sweetest song in this year’s competition. I don’t know why but everytime I hear it, it makes me go all awww.


A.K.A. THE DRESS! Love the performance, love the song. Enough said.


I’m biased here being Greek myself but I’ll be the first to admit when our song sucks and this one doesn’t. I fell in love with Ilias Kozas’ voice the moment I heard it and guys wearing skirts are fun.

Good luck to all the countries tonight!

Enjoy watching the show! Now if you’ll excuse me, that Pimm’s and lemonade isn’t going to mix itself.



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