Captain Swan: I Will Go Down With This Ship

Ahoy! We’re going to Neverland, mates! Or at least some of our friends in Once Upon A Time are. But nevermind the others. Captain Hook and Emma Swan are going to spend some quality time next season. I know it, the fandom knows it, Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue know it. Dear writers, this ship needs to happen.

You need more proof? There you go:

1. She was intrigued by him from their first meeting

2. She’s heard of him

3. Scr*w motivation. She volunteered to get to know him better

But he seems to already know her

4. Then THIS happened





5. Remember when Emma left Hook at the giant’s beanstalk?

And Hook looked at her with his puppy eyes?


Remember how upset we all were?

6. Especially because HE wouldn’t have done the same?


But it was alright because when they met again he said

7. Even though he’s the enemy, she’s still concerned about him

And even when he’s all bruised and beaten up, he’s still good old charming Hook



8. Emma can take Hook in a fight



9. In the end nothing else matters because

10. When she really needed him, he came back for his lass



One badass blonde. One sassy pirate. Neverland. You see where I’m going with this.


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