Suits Rewatch: 1×01-1×02

Let me start with this: I like it. Fast-paced plot, clever dialogue, interesting characters. And lawyers. I love lawyers. They are manipulative little jerks that get their way every time. What’s not to like?

Mike Ross: a smart kid, unlucky in his life with decisions that cost him his academic career is given a second chance.

Harvey Specter: the best closer this city’s ever seen. Harvey comes across a bit douchey. Don’t get me wrong; if I ever needed a lawyer he’d be among my top choices. He’s good at what he does and he knows it and that also translates into his personal life. That waitress woke up in his bed after all.

Mike’s young. He has his grandmother to look after, he needs the money, he’ll even deal drugs to get it. Harvey on the other hand, had all the financial support he needed from Pearson and now he’s part of a big law firm and has an office with a killer view. Harvey was looking for someone who reminded him of himself to hire and he found that in Mike. What differentiates the two of them is that Mike is (still) innocent; he cares. Or at least he actually shows that he cares. I think Harvey has a big heart under his professional facade and we’ll see that later in the season. He didn’t turn his back on his sexually harassed client; he called the planted witness’ bluff and won the case big. He didn’t turn his back on Mike either when he messed up filing the patent on time. I believe that we’re going to see this bromance blossoming further.

As for the rest of the characters, Louis’ face kills me. He’s such a little weasel. He’s nowhere near as smart as the duo is but he’s sneaky.

I like Rachel and her bossy attitude. I also like Trevor’s girlfriend. She’s a sweetheart and also seems to like Mike. As for Trevor, well, I’m not sure about him yet.

Let’s see how the rest of the season rolls.


One thought on “Suits Rewatch: 1×01-1×02

  1. Have a good watch! I like your comments about who cares and who has the caring looks. I mean Mike does care but it comes rather cheap for him: when the s*** hits tha fan there is Harvey to clean up. Harvey on the other hands knows that has to be adult and answer for all his decisions and mistakes. Caring is good as long as one is prepared to pay the price.

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