Suits Rewatch: 1×03-1×04

Two more episodes down. This is the first time I’m doing a review on a show starting from the pilot episode and I must say that it’s getting more and more interesting (for me at least!) because I get to pay closer attention to the characters than I have with other shows in the past.

1×03 Inside Track

Have Harvey and Jessica slept together in the past? I kept getting those vibes from both of them during this episode. I guess I’ll find out if I keep watching…

I like how Harvey keeps seeing a younger version of himself in Mike but he has to understand that he can’t expect him to follow his steps in every situation. Mike is a whole different person and although he sees Harvey as some kind of mentor, he also feels comfortable enough around him to tell him when he’s wrong; he did find that “mistake” after all.

Go Team Grandma! Listen to her Mike. Trevor is bad news. I really don’t think that Mike’s done with him and I also don’t think that it’s going to end well between the two of them. There’s too much going on; Mike’s finally made something of himself, Trevor’s personal life is falling apart and they both like the same girl (and she likes the both of them). You do the math.

Another thing I was particularly happy to see was that Mike is starting to grow a pair and stand up for himself.

1×04 Dirty Little Secrets

I particularly enjoyed this episode. Mike lost his C-Card (as in Case – see what I did there?). In the beginning I thought he was going to keep using Harvey’s name throughout the whole thing but it was nice to see him gaining confidence even though Vivien Tanaka almost devoured him in court. It was cute watching Mike and Rachel playing husband and wife; they make quite a team. Even Harvey was impressed by his little apprentice. Let’s be honest, he loves this kid!

Speaking of love, Tanaka may wasn’t so gentle with him but Rachel’s rejection was the one that hurt the most. They had chemistry from day 1. He clearly liked her from the beginning and I think she finds him cute, too. I get a feeling that it’s not just her “don’t date co-workers” policy that holds her back; maybe she’s aiming a bit higher? Honestly, I hope that’s not the case because I really like Rachel.

Jessica’s ex-husband showed up and you know who wasn’t so pleased? Harvey didn’t even know Jessica was married and perhaps he felt betrayed that she didn’t trust him enough. Then again, the wedding occurred when he was in Harvard and we still don’t know the nature of their relationship.

Jessica seemed genuinely concerned about her ex-husband’s case, especially after he told her he was infected by the same disease his drug was supposed to fight. And Harvey was there for her at the bar, as a good friend.

Louis may not know that Mike never went to Harvard, yet, but I can definitely see him finding it out later on. I cannot stress this enough: he’s such a little weasel!



On another note, someone, please, shake Mike’s damn hand!!

P.S.: Is the series soundtrack totally feel good stuff or what?


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