Suits Rewatch: 1×05-1×06

Sorry it took so long to post the latest review, guys. I recently started taking spanish lessons and got caught up with the studying. But here’s the next two episodes and I’ll really try to keep ’em coming more frequently.

1×05 Bail Out

Oh, Harvey, your emotions are showing… He may want to appear to be the tough guy but there’s a big heart underneath that expensive suit. While watching him scolding Mike for not cutting Trevor off, I kept thinking that maybe he’d been in trouble himself when he was younger. I saw genuine concern in his eyes and it wasn’t just because he’s responsible for Mike. Maybe Jessica was to Harvey what Harvey is now to Mike. I have this theory that she saved him from some young thoughtless choices that could have costed him his future and now he wants to do the same with his apprentice. I was also pleasantly surprised by the mutual respect between him and his driver. I was team Mike from the beginning but Harvey’s winning me over with every episode.

Someone, please, give Donna more screen time. Every facial expression, every word that comes out of her mouth… I swear, she’s Harvey’s long lost twin. Unless I’ll end up shipping these two in the near future so that would be gross…

The (not for long, I guess) goodbye hug between Mike and Trevor was a nice touch but the fact that the latter now knows about the “scam” cannot be good.

Anyway, this episode was pure Harvey to me and I’ll leave it at that.

1×06 Tricks Of The Trade

The past is knocking on your door, Mike. Do not answer. Seriously, first Louis is constantly trying to get Mike to make the fatal mistake, now Rachel knows that he’s the genius test cheater and, boy, is she pissed about that. The sad thing in all this situation is that Mike is trying to make a good thing here but in the end he’ll only manage to get himself in trouble for being a big fake lawyer. Yes, it was his choices that got him there but he’s not a bad guy and we all make mistakes. Fortunately for him, when all hell breaks loose he’ll hopefully have Harvey by his side.

Speaking of, Harvey could benefit from Mike’s naive soul; and I mean naive in the best way possible. Harvey’s been in this business for a long time now and he’s lost the ability to see the good in people (assuming he ever had this ability). These two keep exchanging their best qualities.

I’d so love to see Harvey and Louis’ Day Of Fun; such a shame we’re not going to.

Oh, did I mention I love drunk Mike? Because I’m going to keep mentioning it until there’s an episode dedicated to drunk Mike and sober-scolding Harvey.

Gotta see this one more time. Priceless!


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