When Are We Gonna Get Sick Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

It all started in 1994. It ended in 2004. It’s 2013; why does it feel it was only yesterday that we waved goodbye to Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross? Why can we still reference the show without fearing the others will give us the WTF look? Why do we keep watching all the “The One With The…” episodes and laugh like we haven’t laughed with all the new comedy series on TV?

As I’ve mentioned in another post, the greek TV network that broadcast Friends never stopped airing reruns so every weekend I know that when I turn on the TV Chandler will be telling some hilarious joke. It’s like my constant; the moment this changes I’ll just know that something bad happened.

But what is it about Friends that makes it so appealing to every generation? The plot isn’t something extraordinary; it’s exactly what the title says: friends. Six people so different yet so close. You can find at least one common characteristic between one of the six and yourself. I share Monica’s obsession with every single piece being exactly where she left it. I also cannot keep up with a serious conversation for more than 2 minutes, just like Chandler. And I completely, undoubtedly, 100% agree with this golden rule:

The storylines were plausible, just told from a funnier POV. The bromance between Chandler and Joey was epic. Rachel and Monica may cried that it was the end of an era when the latter decided to move in with Chandler but it was also the end of an era for the boys, as well. Perhaps it was worse for them. For Joey it felt like his best buddy was starting an entirely new chapter in his life and he just stayed there watching everything changing. For Chandler it was the end of life as he knew it. Immature Chandler was becoming a man in a committed relationship. Show me a person that didn’t shed a tear while watching these two hugging and I’ll show you a person without a soul.

For most people the ultimate Friends couple has always been Ross and Rachel. For me it will always be Chandler and Monica. They started out as friends. They were never that close (as Monica remarked in London) in the sense that if I were to pick two Friends that were inseparable, they wouldn’t be my first choice. However, they were always there for each other and their getting together in London made sense. And the fact that their relationship began blossoming after they slept together is what made it interesting. Most TV couples that spend seasons before actually happening end up being boring. With Chandler and Monica that was never the case. Even as a married couple they were pure delight to watch. And let’s not forget their struggle to have a baby and Chandler’s amazing speech about Monica being a great mother.

If you ask me about my favourite character on the show I’d give you two answers: Joey and Chandler. I love Joey and I love Chandler but when they are together it’s magical. It’s probably why the Joey spin-off didn’t get very far. And I believe that about everyone in the group. They are amazing when they’re together. Take one out and it becomes something else.

And let’s not forget about some of the rest of the characters. They weren’t always there but every time they showed up they gave us nothing but a smile.

Forever-in-the-friendzone Gunther.


And Mike. I never really understood if people liked him or not but personally, I thought he was a great addition to the cast and he had great chemistry with Phoebe.

Whatever the secret ingredient was, it was a show that has a place in our hearts and although 10 years were not enough (they weren’t!) thank God for DVDs and reruns. Oh, that reminds me the weekend is near…


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