Suits Rewatch: 1×07-1×08

I’m almost getting to the end of season 1 and I think that these reviews will be done just in time for the premiere of season 3. So, here is one hell of an episode and one I didn’t like just as much. Keep on reading to find out which is which.

1×07 Play The Man

That. Was. One. Great. Episode. It certainly goes to my top Suits episodes list. The two big players set up their pawns in a mock trial and although Mike had what it takes to win, he chose not to.

Apparently, Mike didn’t take the mock trial seriously from the start, because, duh, mock trial. But once he saw it for what it really stand, he got back to the game. Harvey didn’t seem too eager to offer his advice (after all he was legendary at his own mock trial) but he did show him in his own way that reality bites and when there’s no one to hold on to he’d have to figure it out by himself.

Donna was on Mike’s team and she was spectacular. Jenny joined him as well, and not just in the mock trial. He trusted her with his secret, they talked it out and that’s how the cutest couple ever was created. For real, I’m puking rainbows here. Rachel, on the other hand, still being angry at Mike joined the side of the enemy, Louis’ protégé, Kyle.

However, the most astonishing thing of all happened when Rachel was called to testify. It was such a powerful scene because at this moment Mike chose, and I quote, “what kind of person [he] wants to be”. He used Rachel’s weakness against her but when it really mattered he backed off.

I was torn myself during that scene; when Pearson asked him if he was going to proceed I caught myself saying out loud “do it, do it”. I don’t know had I been in Mike’s shoes whether I’d choose my career over the girl I liked or not. This whole dilemma “good lawyer or good person” was at its pick in this episode and even though Harvey seemed disappointed by Mike, he did feel sorry that his winning the hotel case cost a person he cared about her job.

P.S.: Harvey is a Trekkie!

1×08 Identity Crisis

Aw, Louis. I actually feel sorry for the guy. He probably spent his entire life being doubted and when someone comes and says that he respects him he can’t tell if it’s the real deal. And let’s be honest, Harvey isn’t exactly the kind of person that makes it easy on you. There’s a mutual repulsion but also a mutual underlying respect between the two men. Harvey made the first step a couple of episodes ago and admitted that he makes fun of Louis because he believes that he’s good at what he does. So, apparently Harvey doesn’t waste his insults on people indifferent to him.

Harvard degree problem solved. For now. I mean, it’s a bit too good to be true, right? That Lola chick did a damn good job hacking into Harvard’s system, though. I wonder if Mike will ever actually go to Law School to get that degree for real.

Overall I think this was a so-so episode but a moment I truly enjoyed was Mike stepping up and telling Harvey the situation as it was: you either help me save my ass or leave me alone to figure it out myself.

Oh, and THIS was awesome! lol






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