What If God Was One Of Us

Quite a lot went down last night, most of it while Bill was sleeping. Or Lilith-OD. Or in whatever state he was anyway.

The mayor’s dead serious about exterminating the vampire race. The man’s got fancy new weapons with bullets that can turn a vampire into an overcooked chicken and contact lenses that block out glamouring. Even Pam was scared after seeing what these weapons did to Tara and that was enough to turn Eric’s focus back on the mayor and leave all the Billith madness to Nora. How adorable was Eric as a geek? No, seriously, those goofy glasses, the hair, the hunching, the dorky smile, and then, boom, badass vamp again. I loved the minions’ reaction when he jumped up in the air; he’s like the superman of vampires. Am I the only one who thinks that he’s going to turn the mayor’s daughter into a vamp? Because that would be interesting to watch.

Sookie met a boy. He’s half a fairy, just like her. Sookie and Ben will soon be sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Bored already. I’m interested in Sookie’s love life only when she’s undressing Eric.

Bill went comatose and spoke to Lilith who got us more confused about god and vampires and vampire gods. In the meantime, Jessica ordered some food. I didn’t know there was a vamp takeout. I wonder if there’s a kid’s meal for the little ones. However, it didn’t end well since Bill kind of overdid it with the extra toppings (sorry, I know I’m lame but I can’t help myself). I felt sad watching Jessica praying. The girl was raised by a strict religious family, she views her vampirism as her freedom from all this and now she’s stuck with a “father” she’s both fond and afraid of. She doesn’t know what’s going on, yet she has no choice but stand by him. She’s still a child inside. Bottom line is that Bill can now see the future and it doesn’t look pretty. I’m guessing the vision of everyone getting burnt is from the season finale.

The creepy-looking man who gave Jason a ride in the previous episode was not Warlow after all, who btw is wandering around Bon Temps. The Stackhouse siblings reunited with their great fairy grandfather who showed Sookie a way of killing vampires with her power but it’s a one-time thing. Again, stuff for the season finale. I liked his interaction with Jason. He had the is-this-really-my-blood expression on his face every time Jason opened his mouth that cracked me up.

What’s the deal with these L.A. chicks who want all supernatural beings to come out? Are they supernatural themselves?

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It’s Billith Bitch

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It was about bloody time! True Blood’s season 6 premiered last night and after 2 not so great seasons, it’s good to see the show raising the stakes. Kind of a lot happened in Who Are You, Really? so let’s get this started.

Is it Bill? Is it Lilith? No one knows for sure, not even Bill himself. Apparently this thing can’t be killed so I think it’s safe to assume that Billith’s not a typical vampire anymore. It can’t be burnt, it can’t be staked so how do you kill it? Jessica was the only one that took Bill’s side and turned on the rest of the gang. It’s obviously the maker/progeny bond talking but Jess seems to believe that Bill Compton is not all gone. The duo had a heart-to-heart where Bill revealed that he’s not exactly sure of what’s happening to him; he demonstrated a new power he wasn’t even aware he possessed and who knows what other powers he has. And what was with the Lilith triplets entering his body in the end?

Speaking of triplets, Andy’s quadruplets are growing… fast. If they keep popping this way, daddy’s gonna have to find another job to afford college.

I’m glad we only got a couple of werewolf scenes. Mr. Manganiello’s abs are certainly a treat but I don’t really care about that storyline. I did love though the way Rikki marked her territory. Oh, and Luna’s dead; now Sam needs to take care of the little one. Maybe he can arrange playdates with Andy’s kids while they’re still the same age.

Did someone say Eric? No? Good, because we’re gonna talk about Eric now. Our lovely viking was in charge last night trying to keep everyone safe. Well, he wouldn’t mind leaving Jason and Jessica behind but Sookie wouldn’t take that very lightly. Pam didn’t like Nora. At all. And Eric was quick to take his sister’s side, something that blondie didn’t find that amusing. Personally, I can see why Eric was so harsh; big things were going on at that moment and trivial bickering would only stall them but I still didn’t like his attitude. He better make up for it in the next episodes. I miss his relationship with Pam. At least, she got some with Tara who’s not willing to take any crap from anyone and seems to be deeply concerned about Pam. She even stood up for her when the mayor’s minions came to Fangtasia to shut it down.

What’s up with the mayor, anyway? He wants to protect the human race against the vampires but he seems shady. No one walks in this show having only good intentions.

Oh, and we finally met Warlow. He picked up Jason off the road. What’s wrong with this kid? You don’t just tell your entire story to a man you only know for like 2 minutes. Jeez, the kids these days…

Anyway, that’s all for now, folks. What did you think of last night’s episode? Feel free to comment!

True Blood Season 6 Trailer

In exactly 1 month from today True Blood will be back to fill our hot summer with even hotter vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, and… are there any humans still left? Oh, well, with a hell of a cliffhanger the show left us wondering for Billith’s fate. But there was a lot going on in season 5 and it’s been almost a year since we last saw Eric’s fangs, so let’s remember what happened in the last season finale as we wait for June 16.

Monika from NoWhiteNoise.com did a great recap of the finale last year. Cheers!