Suits Rewatch: 1×07-1×08

I’m almost getting to the end of season 1 and I think that these reviews will be done just in time for the premiere of season 3. So, here is one hell of an episode and one I didn’t like just as much. Keep on reading to find out which is which.

1×07 Play The Man

That. Was. One. Great. Episode. It certainly goes to my top Suits episodes list. The two big players set up their pawns in a mock trial and although Mike had what it takes to win, he chose not to.

Apparently, Mike didn’t take the mock trial seriously from the start, because, duh, mock trial. But once he saw it for what it really stand, he got back to the game. Harvey didn’t seem too eager to offer his advice (after all he was legendary at his own mock trial) but he did show him in his own way that reality bites and when there’s no one to hold on to he’d have to figure it out by himself.

Donna was on Mike’s team and she was spectacular. Jenny joined him as well, and not just in the mock trial. He trusted her with his secret, they talked it out and that’s how the cutest couple ever was created. For real, I’m puking rainbows here. Rachel, on the other hand, still being angry at Mike joined the side of the enemy, Louis’ protégé, Kyle.

However, the most astonishing thing of all happened when Rachel was called to testify. It was such a powerful scene because at this moment Mike chose, and I quote, “what kind of person [he] wants to be”. He used Rachel’s weakness against her but when it really mattered he backed off.

I was torn myself during that scene; when Pearson asked him if he was going to proceed I caught myself saying out loud “do it, do it”. I don’t know had I been in Mike’s shoes whether I’d choose my career over the girl I liked or not. This whole dilemma “good lawyer or good person” was at its pick in this episode and even though Harvey seemed disappointed by Mike, he did feel sorry that his winning the hotel case cost a person he cared about her job.

P.S.: Harvey is a Trekkie!

1×08 Identity Crisis

Aw, Louis. I actually feel sorry for the guy. He probably spent his entire life being doubted and when someone comes and says that he respects him he can’t tell if it’s the real deal. And let’s be honest, Harvey isn’t exactly the kind of person that makes it easy on you. There’s a mutual repulsion but also a mutual underlying respect between the two men. Harvey made the first step a couple of episodes ago and admitted that he makes fun of Louis because he believes that he’s good at what he does. So, apparently Harvey doesn’t waste his insults on people indifferent to him.

Harvard degree problem solved. For now. I mean, it’s a bit too good to be true, right? That Lola chick did a damn good job hacking into Harvard’s system, though. I wonder if Mike will ever actually go to Law School to get that degree for real.

Overall I think this was a so-so episode but a moment I truly enjoyed was Mike stepping up and telling Harvey the situation as it was: you either help me save my ass or leave me alone to figure it out myself.

Oh, and THIS was awesome! lol






Suits Rewatch: 1×05-1×06

Sorry it took so long to post the latest review, guys. I recently started taking spanish lessons and got caught up with the studying. But here’s the next two episodes and I’ll really try to keep ’em coming more frequently.

1×05 Bail Out

Oh, Harvey, your emotions are showing… He may want to appear to be the tough guy but there’s a big heart underneath that expensive suit. While watching him scolding Mike for not cutting Trevor off, I kept thinking that maybe he’d been in trouble himself when he was younger. I saw genuine concern in his eyes and it wasn’t just because he’s responsible for Mike. Maybe Jessica was to Harvey what Harvey is now to Mike. I have this theory that she saved him from some young thoughtless choices that could have costed him his future and now he wants to do the same with his apprentice. I was also pleasantly surprised by the mutual respect between him and his driver. I was team Mike from the beginning but Harvey’s winning me over with every episode.

Someone, please, give Donna more screen time. Every facial expression, every word that comes out of her mouth… I swear, she’s Harvey’s long lost twin. Unless I’ll end up shipping these two in the near future so that would be gross…

The (not for long, I guess) goodbye hug between Mike and Trevor was a nice touch but the fact that the latter now knows about the “scam” cannot be good.

Anyway, this episode was pure Harvey to me and I’ll leave it at that.

1×06 Tricks Of The Trade

The past is knocking on your door, Mike. Do not answer. Seriously, first Louis is constantly trying to get Mike to make the fatal mistake, now Rachel knows that he’s the genius test cheater and, boy, is she pissed about that. The sad thing in all this situation is that Mike is trying to make a good thing here but in the end he’ll only manage to get himself in trouble for being a big fake lawyer. Yes, it was his choices that got him there but he’s not a bad guy and we all make mistakes. Fortunately for him, when all hell breaks loose he’ll hopefully have Harvey by his side.

Speaking of, Harvey could benefit from Mike’s naive soul; and I mean naive in the best way possible. Harvey’s been in this business for a long time now and he’s lost the ability to see the good in people (assuming he ever had this ability). These two keep exchanging their best qualities.

I’d so love to see Harvey and Louis’ Day Of Fun; such a shame we’re not going to.

Oh, did I mention I love drunk Mike? Because I’m going to keep mentioning it until there’s an episode dedicated to drunk Mike and sober-scolding Harvey.

Gotta see this one more time. Priceless!

Suits Rewatch: 1×03-1×04

Two more episodes down. This is the first time I’m doing a review on a show starting from the pilot episode and I must say that it’s getting more and more interesting (for me at least!) because I get to pay closer attention to the characters than I have with other shows in the past.

1×03 Inside Track

Have Harvey and Jessica slept together in the past? I kept getting those vibes from both of them during this episode. I guess I’ll find out if I keep watching…

I like how Harvey keeps seeing a younger version of himself in Mike but he has to understand that he can’t expect him to follow his steps in every situation. Mike is a whole different person and although he sees Harvey as some kind of mentor, he also feels comfortable enough around him to tell him when he’s wrong; he did find that “mistake” after all.

Go Team Grandma! Listen to her Mike. Trevor is bad news. I really don’t think that Mike’s done with him and I also don’t think that it’s going to end well between the two of them. There’s too much going on; Mike’s finally made something of himself, Trevor’s personal life is falling apart and they both like the same girl (and she likes the both of them). You do the math.

Another thing I was particularly happy to see was that Mike is starting to grow a pair and stand up for himself.

1×04 Dirty Little Secrets

I particularly enjoyed this episode. Mike lost his C-Card (as in Case – see what I did there?). In the beginning I thought he was going to keep using Harvey’s name throughout the whole thing but it was nice to see him gaining confidence even though Vivien Tanaka almost devoured him in court. It was cute watching Mike and Rachel playing husband and wife; they make quite a team. Even Harvey was impressed by his little apprentice. Let’s be honest, he loves this kid!

Speaking of love, Tanaka may wasn’t so gentle with him but Rachel’s rejection was the one that hurt the most. They had chemistry from day 1. He clearly liked her from the beginning and I think she finds him cute, too. I get a feeling that it’s not just her “don’t date co-workers” policy that holds her back; maybe she’s aiming a bit higher? Honestly, I hope that’s not the case because I really like Rachel.

Jessica’s ex-husband showed up and you know who wasn’t so pleased? Harvey didn’t even know Jessica was married and perhaps he felt betrayed that she didn’t trust him enough. Then again, the wedding occurred when he was in Harvard and we still don’t know the nature of their relationship.

Jessica seemed genuinely concerned about her ex-husband’s case, especially after he told her he was infected by the same disease his drug was supposed to fight. And Harvey was there for her at the bar, as a good friend.

Louis may not know that Mike never went to Harvard, yet, but I can definitely see him finding it out later on. I cannot stress this enough: he’s such a little weasel!



On another note, someone, please, shake Mike’s damn hand!!

P.S.: Is the series soundtrack totally feel good stuff or what?

Suits Rewatch: 1×01-1×02

Let me start with this: I like it. Fast-paced plot, clever dialogue, interesting characters. And lawyers. I love lawyers. They are manipulative little jerks that get their way every time. What’s not to like?

Mike Ross: a smart kid, unlucky in his life with decisions that cost him his academic career is given a second chance.

Harvey Specter: the best closer this city’s ever seen. Harvey comes across a bit douchey. Don’t get me wrong; if I ever needed a lawyer he’d be among my top choices. He’s good at what he does and he knows it and that also translates into his personal life. That waitress woke up in his bed after all.

Mike’s young. He has his grandmother to look after, he needs the money, he’ll even deal drugs to get it. Harvey on the other hand, had all the financial support he needed from Pearson and now he’s part of a big law firm and has an office with a killer view. Harvey was looking for someone who reminded him of himself to hire and he found that in Mike. What differentiates the two of them is that Mike is (still) innocent; he cares. Or at least he actually shows that he cares. I think Harvey has a big heart under his professional facade and we’ll see that later in the season. He didn’t turn his back on his sexually harassed client; he called the planted witness’ bluff and won the case big. He didn’t turn his back on Mike either when he messed up filing the patent on time. I believe that we’re going to see this bromance blossoming further.

As for the rest of the characters, Louis’ face kills me. He’s such a little weasel. He’s nowhere near as smart as the duo is but he’s sneaky.

I like Rachel and her bossy attitude. I also like Trevor’s girlfriend. She’s a sweetheart and also seems to like Mike. As for Trevor, well, I’m not sure about him yet.

Let’s see how the rest of the season rolls.

Suits Rewatch (a.k.a. Nadia watches Suits for the very first time)

With all the other shows over until fall, my schedule’s suddenly clear. A friend recently suggested Suits which is actually a show I intended to watch since last year but what with university and all I never found the time.

So, this summer I’m watching seasons 1 and 2, just in time for the season 3 premiere on July 16th. I will be reviewing every few episodes and those of you who haven’t watched it yet (as well as those who have and just need a refresh before next season) are welcome to share your opinions on the show.

Time to check out the pilot!